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      BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd R&D Center

      BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd R&D Center?is established and invested by BAIC Motor?to achieve the strategic objective of collectivized development?for the automotive industry in Beijing, to set up the independent R&D?platform?for enhanced independent innovation?capability, and to build up the BAIC Motor?self-owned brands. The Center contains the entire development process?for complete vehicle systems and owns strong development capacities in core components, key subsystem?technology integration and complete vehicle system integration, becoming the?R&D base?for the self-owned passenger cars of BAIC Motor.


      Located?in the BAIC Motor Industry R&D?Base?in Shunyi District,?the Center covers an area of?180,000 square meters?with a total investment of around1.8 billion?RMB yuan, and has product trial test and R&D function?as product engineering center, product research center, new energy vehicle R&D center, product trial center, product test center, model design center, comprehensive support and etc.


      Since?founded in 2007, the Center has formed a good-quality?and well-structured team, composing of nearly 2,000 talents home and?abroad and the R&D personnel accounts over 93%. The Center is one of the lead?organizations for the national lightweight?key laboratory?and owns postdoctoral research station,?world-class key laboratories including K&C test and High?& Low Temperature Cabin test, being of product research, engineering?development, model design, trial test and other comprehensive independent development abilities.?The Center was accredited as National Enterprise Technology Center?in 2013. Senova D70, Senova D50, Senova?CC, Senova?X65, Senova?X25 and other models?won the China Red Star Design Awards, and the Senova?OFFSPACE?concept car was awarded the?Best Concept Car of China?by CAR STYLING, a world?top car design magazine?the same year, which fully shows the excellent engineering design?strength of BAIC Motor.


      Inheriting the classic?and integrating the future, the automotive industry is an important pillar?for the high-end?and modern manufacturing industries?for the capital city. Adhering to the "Independent Innovation, Precise and Realistic, Excellent Quality, Customer First"?concept of BAIC Motor, the Center continuously makes improvement in quality, cost and progress control. Also the Center moves towards greater maturity in project development, standard system, product verification?and patent management, and realizes the breakthrough?in intelligence, low-carbonation and refinement, which marks the completion of the?R&D 1.0 system. ?


      In the meantime, BAIC Motor has pressed?the acceleration button?for the 2.0 era by planning?three?platforms?for the future,?where the Platform D for?A-Class cars, Platform F?for?A-Class?vehicles and Platform V212?authorized by Mercedes-Benz?for high-end cars. The company, through modular and technical generalization and other measures, aims to improve the sharing rate of components and achieve a new leap in quality. Now BAIC Motor?is moving towards the world-class automotive R&D center that leads in the industry both domestically and Internationally.


      Looking ahead at the?"13th?Five-Year Plan",?BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd R&D Center will open a new situation of "Open Innovation, Collaborative Innovation, Integrated Innovation", forge the?"Product-centric, Hardwork-based, Be Doer, Be Fighter"?R&D spirit,?and create the "Pragmatic,?Precise, Collaborative, Innovative"?engineering?culture. The Center will put the "Quality Improvement and Efficiency?Enhancement"?as business focus?for operation, and will usher?in?the R&D 2.0 era?with the craftsman spirit,?to boost independent innovation, to accelerate core technology and to?make unremitting efforts?for?the great mission of "Created in Beijing".

      Address:BAIC Motor Industry R&D Base, 99 Shuanghe Avenue, Renhe Town, Shunyi District, Beijing


      BAIC Motor Powertrain Co., Ltd

      BAIC Motor Powertrain Co., Ltd (BAIC Motor Powertrain), whose predecessor is Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd Powertrain Branch that was founded on 6 August 2009, was formally established on 9 February 2010 with the registered capital of 1476.19 million RMB yuan.


      As a professional passenger car powertrain platform, BAIC Motor Powertrain combines the R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing for automotive engines and transmission powertrain together, taking charge of the unitary planning, implementation and management for powertrain business for the BAIC Motor self-owned brands.


      The BAIC Motor Powertrain base is located in the East Area of the Economic Development Zone of Tongzhou District, close to the sub-center of Beijing. The base consists of R&D area and production area, including two main plants that cover 120,000 square meters together, a R&D building of 65,000 square meters and a passenger car powertrain laboratory, the largest single building in China by covering area of 35,400 square meters. Equipped with first-class facilities, the laboratory is capable of complete range of test programs.


      BAIC Motor Powertrain has formed its product lines for engines and manual and automatic transmissions for A-Class and B-Class cars and has already set up overseas R&D institution META both in Germany and Australia, maintaining cooperation relations with FEV, AVL, BOSCH, SWRI and other major global R&D institutions. The BAIC Motor Powertrain team has over 1,600 employees, of which 770 are R&D and technical personnel and 150 are key talents, foreign experts and overseas returnees, and was qualified as National "High-tech Enterprise" and "Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise".


      BAIC Motor Powertrain’s mission is to create "the heart of China, the engine of the world". Aiming to build up a first-class team, to manufacture first-class products and to create a first-class enterprise, the team is committed to becoming a modern professional enterprise for R&D, manufacturing and sales that owns independent intellectual property rights and also leads in the industry both domestically and Internationally.

      Address:1 Liangli 3rd Street, East Area, Economic Development Zone, Tongzhou District, Beijing


      BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd Zhuzhou Branch

      BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd Zhuzhou Branch as "Zhuzhou Branch" for short, was founded in 2009. Zhuzhou Branch is BAIC Motor’s first passenger car base for self-owned brands and is one of the largest vehicle manufacturing factories in south central China.


      Innovation and Development, Value Sharing


      With the mission of "Beyond Consumers’ Expectation, Lead Industry Development, Achieve Staff Growth", Zhuzhou Branch constantly promotes its enterprise operation innovation, transformation and upgrading. Now Zhuzhou has been covering A + Class sedans, SUVs, MPVs, new energy vehicles and small engines and other most promising market segments, creating direct jobs for over 3200 people. With the annual industrial output value of nearly 10 billion RMB yuan, Zhuzhou Branch bring new vitality into the automotive industry progress in Zhuzhou and local economic development as well.


      Wisdom for Running, Ingenuity for Creating


      Taking the "E (New Energy)+S (SUV)+M (MPV)+ Internationalizaiton" product strategy as a guide, Zhuzhou Branch always adhere to independent innovation and the BAIC Motor’s craftsman spirit, deeply implements synchronous engineering, digital design, efficient manufacturing, lean production and business intelligence, continuously enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the whole value chain. Since the first offline vehicle in October 2010, the branch has achieved a  cumulative output of nearly 80 million units, creating 4 star models whose monthly sales exceed one million. With three market segment trophies of JD Power Awards, the offline of the first pure electric SUV (EX200) in domestic market, the 2 hours supply chain "Eco-circle" starting to take shape, the branch sets a new benchmark for other self-owned brand passenger car companies.


      Factory of Wisdom, Future is Now


      Oriented by the "BQZZ531" strategy, Zhuzhou Branch insists on the "For People, For Science, For Green" development concept, gives full play to the system control, team innovation and cultural cohesion and quickly promotes the 2nd factory construction and deep strategic transformation, moving forwards bravely for earlier completion of an "Automobile Factory of Wisdom" that holds the annual capacity of 500,000 cars.

      Address:Liyu Industrial Park, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou city, Hunan province


      BAIC Motor (Guangzhou) Automotive Co., Ltd

      BAIC Motor (Guangzhou) Automotive Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Company") is a complete car manufacturing enterprise, wholly owned by BAIC Motor. Established on 1 April 2011, the Guangzhou Company was positioned as the production base of BAIC Group in south China, the export base for independent brand passenger cars, and the foreign joint venture cooperation platform.


      With a total investment of 5 billion RMB yuan, the Guangzhou Company project is planned to cover 2,747 acres totally and designed at the production capacity of 300,000 cars annually. The first phase takes a construction area of 1,247.462 acres, invested 3,624.78 million RMB yuan (the investment amount proved by the Board of BAIC Group is 3.09 billion yuan), of which the planning annual capacity is 100,000. The company’s main product categories include BAIC Motor self-owned brand cars, SUVs, MPVs and other passenger car products and new energy models.


      The Guangzhou Company holds its foundation laying ceremony on 22 June 2011 and the project construction officially started on 18 June 2012. The first OTS complete car got offline on 11 December 2013, marking the completion of the project after 18 months since. The ceremony for factory completion and the first car offline was held on 2 April 2014. Senova D60 car (internal code C60F) , the first product of the Guangzhou company, was launched to market officially on 21 September 2014. This is a compact-class coupe based on the Saab 9-3 platform, and is the third product model of the Senova series that is one of the BAIC Motor self-owned brands. Senova X65 and Senova CC was pun into mass production and then on the market respectively on 21 March and 20 April 2015. BAIC Wei Wang S50 got offline in the Guangzhou company on 28 March 2016. The Guangzhou company started its new energy production and put EU260/EU220, EV200 and Wei Wang 307EV three new energy models into production on 12 April 2016.


      Now the main single buildings that were already completed and put into service by the Guangzhou Company include stamping, welding, painting and assembly processing plants, quality center, staff restaurant, PDI workshop, sewage treatment station, integrated power station, 10KV distribution station, gas station, test runways and other matching facilities. The total construction area is 207,000 square meters.


      The Guangzhou Company’s four major processing technologies are all benchmarking the leading technology standards home and abroad. The domestic-leading and world-class equipment and production technology, as well as the production lines with a total of 175 robots make the company to be highly-competitive with enterprises from Europe and the United States.


      The stamping plant, covering a construction area of 14,095 square meters, owns two stamping production lines - Line A and Line B - with a total of nine presses. Line A consist of five presses (one 2400T multi-link, one 1200T and three 1000Ts) and Line B has four presses (one 1600T multi-link and three 800Ts). The two lines are capable of production for 32 stamping parts, including four doors, two lids, left and right wings, front and rear floors and etc. The production rhythm is 8 to12 pieces per minute and 12 million units per year on the double-shift basis.


      The welding plant covers a building area of 59,180 square meters, with the self-produced rate at 72.2%, automation rate at 33.4% and production rhythm at 32JPH.


      The painting plant takes a construction area of 39,511 square meters, with two floors within the main building and three for part of it. The production rhythm is 32JPH, 12 million units per year. It is the first plant in China to use the wheel concentration and RTO exhaust heat recovery technology, and also acquired the national invention patents, with the total of patents amounting to three now.


      The assembly plant’s construction area is 71,546 square meters. With the L-shaped production line layout and the lean production model, co-linear production for muti-platform models can be achieved in this plant.

      Address:168 Tashan Avenue, Zengjiang Street, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City

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